The Importance of commUNITY based facilities…

To All Concerned Residents of Ward Metis,

I have HEARD your concerns at the doorstep regarding the importance of commUNITY based facilities, and I agree with you. I fully believe to build more UNITY in the commUNITY, there needs to be more local commUNITY based facilities in Ward Metis and in every commUNITY of Edmonton not less of them. I believe they are a more cost effective use of our precious tax dollars, than building mega mall type structures at the edge of Edmonton. We need these very important locally based commUNITY facilities for many reasons, but I believe the most important number one reason is to build and enrich lives of all commUNITY members and in the process build a better Edmonton commUNITY as well.

  • In walking distance by providing easier accessibility to those that do not have the financial means to get to nor afford the mega facilities located many miles from them.
  • Promotes health and wellbeing.
  • Creates safer commUNITIES as they will help take youth off of the streets and get them involved in meaningful character building activities and programs.

I am all for more local commUNITY based facilities especially ones that will benefit all of Ward Metis residents. The reason I say that is, I was raised in poverty and truly appreciated in my early years the local commUNITY based facilities that made it very easy for me and my siblings to enjoy swimming, and other sports that took us off the streets and helped make us better human beings in the process. I will strongly advocate for keeping and maintaining local commUNITY based facilities in all commUNITIES of Ward Metis with the help of you the concerned residents of Ward Metis, as I need your help because I do not have all the answers. My campaign is based on participation from all concerned residents of Ward Metis where the majority of people would tell me how to vote on major issues. Also working with each other in UNITY will ACHIEVE what is beneficial for all, not the one or the few, is the ultimate goal of my campaign.

For your voices to BE HEARD

Vote for Rob Bernshaw your Ward Metis representative on:

Monday October 18, 2021