Accountability and Stewardship

“As stewards of our tax dollars, you are obliged to be doing a better job of managing the dollars we have entrusted you with,” regular Sun letter writer Rob Bernshaw noted.

The above statement made in 2011 at a City of Edmonton public hearing and is very pertinent today as it was yesterday. Responsible stewardship and accountability is vital in any budget where our precious public tax dollars are concerned.

Excerpt from above article on Accountability takes Effort.

The lesson? Hold our politicians accountable. Or would you rather be camping in a local park 10 years from now, wondering why you need to protest that you can’t afford to live here anymore?

Cities run only on tax dollars period, no matter how the taxes are presented to the hardworking taxpayer. From property tax, to user fees such as water, sewage, garbage and recreational fees to mention a few of the way taxes are presented and worded to the residents.