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This page is for personal respectful opinions and perspectives of the residents of Ward 8. Respecting the rights of individuals whether in agreement or not is essential to professional, respectful discussion. In our free and democratic society of which we currently are blessed with, people will have their voice and BE HEARD. What will not be tolerated is any form of profanity or disrespect of the other persons point of view and opinion.

This is a Zero Tolerance Website where bullying of any kind whether in word or deed will not be tolerated nor accepted. RB

In this section some residents are ok with giving their first name or first and last name and others may not be so therefore respecting their wishes there will be anonymous resident concerns posted as well.

“Inclusion is better it makes us stronger”

With a view that all ideas are good, and worth looking at, and discussed in a professional respectful manner.

Even though all ideas are good, are they practical for the time, place and season?

That is the discussion that needs to take place


– Feels that our current Edmonton municipal governance system is not working efficiently nor effectively. His perspective and opinion is that our current Edmonton City Council representatives spend too much time in committee meetings. Gary also feels that Edmonton should go back to a Commissioner System as was done from 1904 until 1983. When in 1983 Mayor Laurence Decore and the council of the day voted out the commissioner system and went with a city manager and deputy manager to oversee the city’s civic administration.


Poorly planned LRT infrastructure for proper future expansion. In Calgary, New communities already designed with future LRT in mind. Prefers that LRT goes over or under major intersections to alleviate traffic congestion and have a better balance for all commuters. When areas that need four lanes and have already planned for four lanes why is there only two lanes built at the time rather than the four lanes planned for. Would be less costly than waiting for a later time.


Less taxes, poorly planned and waste of tax dollars bike lanes. Millions of tax dollars wasted, first on painted lines on road, and now cement barriers in place which hinders emergency responders.

Likes the idea of shared use paths and licensing and insuring bicycles. More accountability.


Pretty happy with most of City of Edmonton decisions but feels LRT a little disjointed and has not been well thought out. After LRT is built the access to main roadways will not be easy.


Need more efficient use of our tax dollars

Go big or go home

Is all for city preserving River Valley at the same time making it more accessible for all. Likes the idea of Possible small coffee shops or rest stops along the river. For example, at the boat launch areas, not along pathways.

Likes community focus group programs helping youth that don’t have access and provides a positive outlet to engage and participate in a positive way.


Is for development but is concerned that parking will be a major issue. Regardless of whatever development the area ends up with, wants the city to make sure home owners get parking permits for on street parking


Traffic impact assessment not done or vetted properly with affected stakeholders. Not even advertised and only released recently.

Economic development opportunity possibly lost due to botched LRT development. Why not deconstruct other Canadian cities and their mass transit system and see what is done right and follow suit here in Edmonton. Take Calgary for example.

Quality of life will be affected but usually bounces back


Traffic and parking will be really horrendous with LRT and development.


Happy with more density in neighborhood. Doesn’t believe 22 stories the way to go but gradually in steps like 3 or 4 stories.

Also loves garage suites.


Would like to see Respectful and Responsible Development.


Would like to see subsidies for Seniors, especially those on a fixed income.