Ward Metis Voices

All voices need to BE HEARD!

On this premise, I have created a page to let others see the concerns heard on the doorstep, while I am out talking with residents of Ward Metis and around Edmonton.

The voices being shared may resonate with you and help you in your choices at the polling stations on Monday October 18, 2021; to vote for a true transformation at city hall.

To help in your decision to vote in a representative that will humbly serve side by side with you, to help lift up and support each other towards achieving a brighter future for all, not for the one or the few.

When we stand side by side to lift, build, and support, many things can and will be accomplished.

On Monday October 18, 2021 Vote for your voice to actually BE HEARD, by voting Rob Bernshaw for your Ward Metis representative at City Hall.

Quote: “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” —Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist NOTEBOOK

There are no names mentioned in order to respect the privacy of Ward Metis individuals allowing their comments to BE HEARD by posting those comments here on my web page.

The following are the voices of some of the residences of Edmonton Ward Metis on various topics that concern them and conversely, probably on a lot of peoples mind’s these days around the City of Edmonton as well, as we are coming into the 2021 Municipal General Election here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. These concerns are not unique to Ward Metis residents they are a common theme throughout Edmonton.


“Spend it like you earned it!”

 “Pet Peeve of If you wouldn’t waste your own money, then why waste tax dollars?”

“We need more green space”

“I love the new DATS Buses as they are very comfortable, way better than the prior DATS buses.”

“We are being taxed too much!”

“In the roll out of the new cart program, why wasn’t the smaller carts rolled out first? We received the bigger carts first and how are people supposed to reduce, reuse and recycle when there is no incentive to do so?”

“Use our tax dollars on fixing roads, sewers and vital important city infrastructure first before vanity projects like the Funicular that only works part of the time if at all!”

“We do not need a gondola system here in Edmonton! Get the transit service improved first before adding more vanity projects that only a few people will use!”

“actual Representative Democracy is needed at all levels of governance!”

“Why is no one talking about addressing Single Seniors issues?”

“Why am paying education taxes after I have reached age 65 and have no children?”

“Elected public servants are hired by us the taxpayer and need to be doing a better job of representing us?”

“Fire pits need to be more controlled in the type of wood(cured dried wood not green wood) that is used so that people with allergies can enjoy the outdoors like everyone else.”