Green Spaces

Are very vital to the health and well being of all of us and the communities we live, work and play in. Without green spaces and a healthy environment of clean air, clean water and clean earth to provide, food clothing and shelter this world would be a much different place.

Rob Benshaw in canoe on the beautiful North Saskatchewan River just a little west of the Edmonton Gold Bar boat Launch.

I love Edmonton’s beautiful North Saskatchewan River and parks system covering both sides of the river. I love to canoe and kayak it’s meandering course through Edmonton after work and when I get the opportunity too. It is a very peaceful, relaxing way to enjoy our most valuable green spaces, as the sounds, stress, hustle and bustle of a busy city in constant flux disappear, amidst the quiet soothing sounds of nature and the natural green space environment we are so blessed with here in Edmonton.

A peaceful relaxing environment that we truly need to preserve and cherish for today’s peaceful enjoyment and relaxation, as well as for the peace, relaxation and enjoyment of future generations that come after us.

Here is a little tidbit for you:

The North Saskatchewan River Valley parks system is the largest green space and urban park system in Canada.

On that note let us all get out and enjoy this wonderful blessing as soon and as often as we can. Also enjoy the blessing of these wonderful green spaces in a respectful and thoughtful way, cleaning up and leaving the green spaces the same or better then when we first arrived to enjoy the peace and tranquility of our beautiful cherished green spaces.