People on the doorstep have inquired about Edmonton’s plans on development or redevelopment around transit stations, and LRT. I found the following link to the TOD guidelines and have also taken an excerpt of the introduction in the TOD guidelines and posted it here:


The Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Guidelines
identify appropriate transit oriented development
around LRT stations and transit centres. They assist
the City, businesses and citizens to plan ahead for
the integration of transit and land use in station
The Guidelines align with The Way Ahead,
Edmonton’s Strategic Plan; The Way We Grow,
Edmonton’s Municipal Development Plan; The Way
We Move, Edmonton’s Transportation Plan; The Way
We Green, Edmonton’s Environmental Plan; and,
The Way We Live, Edmonton’s People Plan, aiding
Edmonton’s 30 year agenda to:

• Improve livability
• Shift transportation modes
• Sustain the environment
• Transform urban form
• Diversify Edmonton’s economy

The Guidelines will be used to communicate the
City’s expectations and to assess rezoning or
planning proposals by property owners, developers
and their designers.
Additional context for the Guidelines can be found in
the Technical Report: Transit Oriented Development
Guidelines, prepared by the City of Edmonton
Sustainable Development and Transportation
Services Departments, November 2011.