Rob’s view on Affordable Housing

I posted this article from CBC on my campaign FB page as it shows there are always solutions to be had, if one but looks for them.

I personally fully believe that there are only solutions in all we do and on that note here is a solution model that has been around since 1521.

We need to find good models to emulate and this is a very good example of how to give a hand up while giving people dignity and providing a safe affordable place and a safe space to live.

Imagine this concept a village inside a city.

I was raised in poverty and I believe this is one concept that already works and will need everyone both private and in the public sector to work with each other SIDE by SIDE in UNITY in order to ACHIEVE this wonderful village commUNITY within a city concept.

If elected as your Ward Metis representative on Monday October 18, 2021 I promise I will advocate and push for a similar model here in Edmonton as I believe in the following excerpt and quote from the article:

Martin Schenkelberg, Augsburg’s counsellor for social affairs, said he would love to see more Fuggerei in Germany and exported around the world.
“Affordable and safe housing is the basis of good living in our society,” he said. “When you have a home … you are able to determine your life and your own future.”

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