Truly Independent Ward Metis Candidate & Representative….

I am rolling up my sleeves for you to BE Heard and to be your only true Independent Ward Metis Candidate and representative in the 2021 Edmonton Municipal General Election.

Here are some points to consider about what a truly Independent Candidate is. An Independent representative with only your best interests at heart and for your voices to actually BE HEARD:

  • NO endorsements of any kind from current city council members or mayor
  • NO endorsements from the media nor other candidates
  • NO affiliation with any political party (provincially or federally)
  • NO union backing or affiliation.
  • NO donations from special interest groups or developers seeking political backroom deals and favors.
  • NO affiliation with any Political Action Groups (PACs)
  • NO voter lists (provincially or federally)
  • NO endorsement from other candidates to achieve a political agenda or voting blocks, as a lot of current 2021 Edmonton Municipal General Election candidates seem to be doing.
  • Only Ward Metis candidate with the words Independent Candidate on his signs.

The only mandate and passion I have is to be elected your Ward Metis representative on Monday October 18, 2021, for you to BE HEARD

A possible question came to mind after reading this great piece in the Edmonton Journal by Keith Gerein titled: Edmonton may be an NDP stronghold but city hall should be off limits.

I really hope that partisan political operatives are not trying to elect a partisan slate of candidates to form a voting block for their own closed door backroom deals in city hall if elected.

Something to think about as Monday October 18, 2021, approaches.

For a truly non-partisan independent candidate and the only one in Ward Metis that has the words Independent Candidate with a contact phone number on his signs.

Vote for me Rob Bernshaw as your independent Ward Metis representative on city council for your voices to BE HEARD

Monday October 18, 2021