How you can help

I am your Edmonton Ward Metis candidate seeking your support to be your representative at Edmonton City Hall Monday October 18, 2021.

My goal is to bring the residents of Ward Metis, direct representative democracy by representing you and your democratic right for your voice to BE HEARD at Edmonton City Hall. Remember if I am elected I work for you not City Hall.

If you would like to be a part of the BE HEARD campaign as a volunteer, or to request a lawn sign please contact us at:

Campaign Office Phone: 587.782.5197

or by email:

If you choose to support the BE HEARD campaign financially the following methods are available.



E-transfer to:

with a note stating it is for the 2021 Campaign

Also for the answer to any  e-transfer security question please send a separate email

If paying by cash or cheque, pickup can be arranged.

Please make cheques out in the following manner:

Payable to :  Bernshaw 2021

In the notes on the cheque write the following:

Ward Metis