Better Economic Future for Alberta

This webpage is about my hope for a better economic future for Alberta.

As an Independent Candidate in Edmonton-Riverview. I will be accountable only to the constiuents of Edmonton-Riverview not beholden to any party system or affiliation.

“I am acountable only to the constituents of Edmonton-Riverview”

The Territories has had a consensus governance model for over 40 years and it is time for Alberta to have the same. It is time for Albertans to have their say. It is time for all to work together for what is best for all Albertans not for the one or select few. Be a part of history and a part of the change.


Quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus. Martin Luther King, Jr.”


I am seeking the vote of everyone of voting age in the Edmonton-Riverview electoral district to be part of the movement to bring true direct representative democracy into the Alberta Legislature, where your voice will BE HEARD.

Vote for Rob Bernshaw as your Independent representative, for your voice to BE HEARD in the Alberta Legislature.

As your Independent Edmonton-Riverview representative I will vote the way you the constituents tell me to vote and for what is in the best interest of all Albertans.

It is only the constiutents of Edmonton-Riverview telling me how to vote on the issues before the house not the party whip.

Vote for an Independent Representative on Tuesday April 16, 2019

Vote Rob Bernshaw